New Jersey Wedding Officiant Services
Wedding Officiant – Bringing Your Vision For “The Big Day” to Life

Wedding Officiant – Bringing Your Vision For “The Big Day” to Life

Wedding Officiant – Bringing Your Vision For “The Big Day” to Life


One of the most important decisions during the wedding planning process is choosing the right wedding Officiant. The feel, the vibes, and the warmth of the ceremony depend a lot on the wedding Officiant you choose. At NJ Elopement Wedding Officiant Services, we work closely with the couple to ensure the entire wedding ceremony is planned to perfection, including the vows. Our wedding Officiant services aim to create wonderful memories for you and your family that not only lasts forever but celebrates your relationship uniquely. 

Whether it is officiating your wedding or planning vow renewals, NJ Elopement Wedding Officiant Services can help. As a team of experienced, engaging professional, non-denominational, and ordained ministers, we have seamlessly helped hundreds of couples, regardless of religion, race, faiths, gender, previously married, and non-religious couples, bind their love in matrimony.

So, whether you’re looking for something short and chic or want your marriage to be a grand and elaborate affair, or even if it is a complicated multi-cultural or interfaith ceremony, trust us to make your wedding day an affair that exceeds all your expectations. 

At NJ Elopement Wedding Officiant Services, our standard service package includes –



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Initial Consultation

We are in no rush to get you to sign us as your wedding Officiant. We are just happy that you’re engaged and have decided to marry. It is why we offer you a free consultation with our experienced wedding Officiant before you even sign the contract.

While the initial consultation can happen over a phone call or any other video-calling platform, you can even schedule an in-person meeting with us if you wish. We aim to provide personalized Marriage Officiant services that cater to your need and focus on “You.” Before you sign the contract with us, there’s plenty of time for you to clear any doubts you may have to gain clarity. 

Planning Meeting

Once you’ve signed a contract with us and paid the required reservation fees, our wedding Officiant would contact you to schedule a planning meeting. The planning meeting is important as it helps the ordained minister know more about you and your partner, your relationship and help add that ‘personal touch to the ceremony that makes it unique. Any inputs from your end are always welcome, and all this information helps the wedding Officiant write a unique ceremony that reflects your beliefs, personalities, and relationship.

Ceremony Editing 

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At NJ Elopement Wedding Officiant Services,

we leave nothing to chance. Following the planning meeting with you, the wedding Officiant would write your wedding ceremony and e-mail it to you for review. We don’t have a “cookie-cutter” approach and take our job of officiating your wedding seriously.

You can review the wedding ceremony and revise it as many times as you want till it is exactly what you’re looking for. Once done with editing, you can send it back to us, and we will take it from there. Moreover, if you need our help or guidance with anything or drafting the wedding ceremony in any particular way, we are always available at no extra cost to you. It’s your big day, and we would love to go the extra mile to make it perfect for you. 

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The Wedding Ceremony!

The wedding Officiant arrives early at the venue to ensure everything is going as per the schedule and planning. Our wedding Officiant would be more than happy to coordinate with vendors and wedding professionals, including the photographers, to ensure everything goes as per the plan.

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