Unity Candle Ceremony

The Unity Candle ceremony is pretty popular in both religious and non-religious wedding ceremonies these days. It represents the union of two individuals (and their families) in love becoming one. Making the wedding ceremony extra special and memorable is on the mind of everyone getting married. The Unity candle ceremony is one of the top choices to make it happen. One of the best parts about the unity candle ceremony, as mentioned earlier, is that it can be integrated into religious and non-religious wedding ceremonies easily.

A Brief Overview of Unity Candle Ceremony

To put it simply, a unity candle ceremony is a long-standing tradition that symbolizes the joining of two individuals in a marital relationship and the joining of their respective families. 

A wedding Officiant plays an important role in performing the unity candle ceremony. The marriage minister, typically towards the ending phase of the wedding ceremony, would ask the guests to gather and explain what the unity candle ceremony is all about. The briefing about the unity candle ceremony helps the guests and family members get a better picture of what this ceremony is about and its meaning.

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 It starts with the parents or family member(s) of each couple member coming forward and lighting a candle. The bride and groom would then together light one center Unity candle, which signifies the relationship has transitioned to matrimony and created a blended family as a result. 

The ceremony ends with the couple blowing out the opposite party’s taper candle, bidding goodbye to their unmarried life. The couple may once again choose to kiss each other after blowing the taper candles. 

Who Can Participate In The Ceremony?

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While there are no strict rules about who can join the Unity Candle Ceremony, typically, it is the parents who light them. Many couples invite their children or their nephew or niece to do the honors of lighting the taper candle from which the center candle is then light by the couple. Basically, you can ask anyone close to you to do the honors and make them feel an important part of the ceremony. 


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Some Important Tips Regarding Unity Candle Ceremony

If you’re planning to integrate Unity Candle Ceremony into your wedding, the first thing you need to consider is your wedding venue. As surprising as it may sound, many wedding venues, especially the old or vintage wedding venues, do not permit burning flames, even if its just a candle. 

Next, you’ll need a table to perform the Unity Candle ceremony. Make sure that it is arranged in advance. If the venue doesn’t have an additional table for use, make sure to rent it as a nicely decorated table with an artistic candle holder can be a good photo opportunity in the wedding. Talking to your wedding florist or decorator about it and letting them know your plan would ensure everything is in order during the Unity Candle ceremony. 

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If it is an outdoor or beach wedding, you need to factor in the weather. You don’t want to struggle to light the candle that signifies the beginning of your marital life, right? Neither will you want that your unity candle blows right away after lighting. It can work against the idea of having a unity candle ceremony in the first place. So, make sure to have a hurricane candle shade or make some other arrangements to ensure such problems do not occur, especially when having an outdoor wedding. A wedding Officiant would advise you about this and the other precautions you need to take to have a seamless Unity Candle ceremony that’s not only memorable but touches yours, family members, and your guests’ hearts as well. 

Unity Candle Ceremony Set

There are many unity candle ceremony sets available these days online and offline. Choose the one that aligns and blends well with the theme of your wedding. If you’ve no idea where to find the perfect unity candle ceremony set for your wedding, your wedding Officiant can guide you in the right direction. It typically involves one large center pillar candle, two taper candles, and two votives. You can choose to decorate the candle with flowers and other decorations while using beautiful candle holders to add charm to the overall setting. 

Once the wedding ceremonies and other formalities are over, and you’re clearing up the venue, blow the candles and keep it safe as memorabilia. As most couples head straight for the honeymoon suite after the wedding, it is recommended to hand over the Unity Candle to your parents or someone you trust enough to keep the candle safe. 

At NJ Elopement Wedding Officiant Services, we understand your desire to add charm and elegance with a touch of emotions to your wedding ceremony. A Unity Candle ceremony done right can help in layering your wedding with excitement, joy, and meaning, which helps bridge any gaps in the entire wedding ceremony. It is the perfect way to make your wedding ceremony stand out, adds body to your wedding while ensuring it becomes an event you and your guests would enjoy to the last minute. 

Our secular wedding Officiant and non-denominational wedding Officiant at NJ Elopement Wedding Officiant Services are well-versed in performing Unity Candle ceremonies. They can help you through the planning, conceptualization, and implementation of the ceremony in a personalized fashion – just as you envisioned. 

If you’ve any questions regarding Unity Candle Ceremony or looking to get married, call NJ Elopement Wedding Officiant Services today on (609) 388-0619!