New Jersey Justice of the  Peace for Your Big Day – Get Married Officially

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Every Big Day Should Go The Way You Had Planned; Live Your Dream the Moment You Take Vows with the Love of your life.

 A perfect wedding ceremony lives as the best memory with you. It shines in your head and talks forever. A  justice of the peace has a bigger role in making the most special memory for you. The official status of the marriage matters to couples the most – especially for the same-sex (LGBT) and interfaith couples.

Get Married at the Justice of the Peace in a Peaceful Environment

The marriage day reflects in your personality, your relationship, and your photo albums. There is a marriage officiant for every religion. But a religious marriage officiant will not agree to read the vows of people belonging to different religions and ethnic backgrounds. Our justice of the peace handles all the legal technicalities of your peaceful marriage.

Difficulty Makes Love More Beautiful.

When there are difficulties in love, it makes love even more beautiful. You would like to love more and more facing the challenges throughout your loveliest story. But you should never give up on your story. Everybody has their own unique story. When you reach the decision of marriage in an unusual and not-so-regular love story, our justice of the peace has your back. He will read your vows and announce you as a married couple.

Helping You in Loving Each other More

Interfaith marriages are the most problematic marriages. But our justice of the peace will assist you in getting  you to tie the knot. The knot is tied strongly by the justice of the peace legally so that you both survive in marriage forever.

The happiest vows are the most beautiful wedding vows in the world. At the office of justice of the peace, we ensure that you will take vows respectfully and honorably following the code of law. The codified laws and regulations allow you to enjoy your life no matter what is your religion, sex, creed, or ideology. So, live your life with the person you love the most.

Giving a Personalizing Touch to Your Wedding

We had understood long ago that a wedding is an enjoyable personal event. Couples would like to create amazing memories throughout the wedding days. Weddings at the justice of the peace does not mean you cannot personalize the vows and entire wedding ceremony process. Our ordained ministers will help you in arranging the most amazing and mesmerizing moments.