NJ Elopement Wedding Officiant Services

NJ Elopement Wedding Officiant Services


Our Services

At NJ Elopement Wedding Officiant Services, we offer a wide range of services to ensure your wedding ceremony goes smoothly and just as you envisioned. Our services include –


We offer a complimentary consultation to the wedding or eloping couples to help them understand the wedding ceremony’s intricacies and marriage formalities. It gives us a better understanding of couples’ personalities, relationships, and expectations. It would include consultation about reading vows, music for the ceremony, and other elements to ensure the wedding ceremony is planned to perfection. Typically, an in-person meeting is preferred, but if it is not possible, the consultation can also happen over a phone call, Skype call, or through any other video calling methods available today.

Wedding Ceremony Creation

We would plan a personalized wedding ceremony for you based on your preferred elements, your vision, and which represents your love story intimately. We aim to add a personal touch to the ceremony focusing on “You” to make sure the ceremony exudes a unique appeal that leaves a lasting impression on you and your guests. 

We aim to weave the elements of your religion, vision, expectations, or even spiritual inclination, into the wedding ceremony, as per your requirements. 

Wedding Ceremony Editing

At NJ Elopement Wedding Officiant Services, we are always available for our clients through phone, e-mail, or other communication means, whenever required. So, if you need to make any revisions to the wedding ceremony or need last-minute changes, trust us to deliver.



Wedding Rehearsal Attendance

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Rehearsal is an important practice before the ‘big day, and many couples want their marriage minister to be present there. At NJ Elopement Wedding Officiant Services, we try to be as flexible as possible to fit in with our client’s schedule. However, it may or may not be possible at times due to our wedding ceremony schedule. Attendance in rehearsal is subject to an additional fee. However, arriving early on the wedding day to oversee rehearsal does not incur any supplemental fee.

Marriage License Guidance

If you’re an eloping couple looking to get eloped, you must be looking for an ordained wedding Officiant or a wedding pastor. When you choose elopement packages for two from NJ Elopement Wedding Officiant Services, we will take care of the marriage license process to ensure everything is in place for the ceremony. Even if you’re not sure or just thinking about eloping, don’t hesitate to contact us to clear any air of confusion or doubts in your mind. 

Marriage License Signing

The elopement Officiant at NJ Elopement Wedding Officiant Services aims to streamline the wedding ceremony to ensure the witness and the couple can enjoy the celebration without any hiccups. Our ordained minister would take care of license signing before the wedding ceremony commences to ensure there are no formalities to take care of while you’re in the middle of celebrations. 

Overlooking Wedding Ceremony Details

When you choose us as your wedding Officiant, we become a part of your family. On the day of the ceremony, the marriage minister would arrive early at the venue to overlook ceremony preparation, ensure everything is going smoothly, coordinate with vendors, and do everything possible whole-heartedly to make your wedding – seamless, memorable, and elegant. 


The Ceremony

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At NJ Elopement Wedding Officiant Services, we have officiated hundreds of weddings over the years. The marriage Officiant would ensure the ceremony goes smoothly and wishes you the best for the new journey ahead. The wedding is officiated in a way that brings out the vulnerable emotions of the couple and the guests.  

Marriage License Filing

You need a marriage Officiant that offers end-to-end services. Once the ceremony is over, we would help file the marriage license with the appropriate municipality to ensure you can go ahead and enjoy your honeymoon without any worries. 

Elopement Packages

As the name suggests, NJ Elopement Wedding Officiant Services offers elopement packages for two and help eloping couple get married without any hassles or challenges, even if you planned to tie the knots in the last minute. Our resources, network, and experience enable us to help eloping couples fulfill their dreams of having a private or discreet ceremony and bind in matrimony. Our services’ key emphasis is on personalization, so let us know what you need, and we will take it from there. 


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Vow Renewals

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Expressing love is not a sign of weakness but strength. It helps add depth to your relationship. Vow renewals are all about reaffirming your commitment and reiterating your love for each other. We can help with custom vow renewals, and whether it is just two of you in the ceremony or a few hundred, we would be right there by your side. 

There are many things about a civil marriage that many couples may be unaware of. Having a wedding Officiant by your side can make a lot of difference, not only by taking care of the formalities but also by making your big day memorable and free of worries. 

Trust NJ Elopement Wedding Officiant Services to bind your love in matrimony, and we assure you of not disappointing. If you’re looking to book a marriage Officiant or want to consult with an ordained minister, do give us a call today at – (609) 388-0619