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At NJ Elopement Wedding Officiant Services, we understand you may have certain questions. We’re available to answer any and all queries you may have responsively. 

While you can always reach out to us, we’ve tried answering some of the common questions we come across here for your convenience. 

How long have you been doing this?

We are around for nearly a decade and bring to the table a collective experience of even more. Our associate Officiants bring with them their unique experiences, and it helps us cater to the different requirements of couples. One thing is common among our marriage ministers, and it is the enthusiasm we share to make your wedding ceremonies a truly unique and memorable affair.

Are you legally allowed to perform wedding ceremonies?

Yes, we are a team of ordained Wedding Officiants, secular Wedding Officiants, non-religious wedding Officiants, non-denominational wedding officiants, and licensed wedding pastors. At NJ Elopement Wedding Officiant Services, we are committed to helping couples create a unique wedding ceremony, weaving every element of their preference, whether it is religious, spiritual, cultural, and anything in between and beyond – without any agenda of our own.

We happily work with couples of all faith, religions, traditions, cultures, nationalities, and backgrounds, without any difference in our approach, commitment, and dedication. 

What if my Wedding Officiant is unavailable on the wedding day due to an emergency?

We take the responsibility of being your wedding Officiant very seriously. While, a situation like this rarely occurs, we offer 100 percent backup if your wedding Officiant is unavailable for some reason. One of our wedding Officiants would be there by your side to ensure everything goes as planned, without any difference in the experience you hoped for. Truth be told, we are the backup of many other Wedding Officiant services in New Jersey. 

Do you perform same-sex weddings and LGBTQ wedding ceremonies?

Yes, absolutely! We do all types of weddings without any discrimination!

We perform traditional, contemporary, multi-cultural, religious, non-religious, interfaith, spiritual, slightly religious, LGBTQ, and just about any other type of ceremonies that exists!

How far in advance we need to book you?

Every wedding date is different, and it depends on when you’re planning to get married. Typically, couples prefer to book a marriage pastor 3 to 6 months in advance. However, we do know that it is not possible for everyone due to various reasons. We also offer last-minute elopement wedding packages and have ordained wedding Officiants available for short-term bookings.

How long can you hold our date?

At NJ Elopement Wedding Officiant Services, we’re well aware of how stressful wedding planning can get. We don’t want to rush you, and it is why we can hold your date for a week to help you glide through the process, gain more clarity of your situation, and make an informed decision. 

What is the procedure for getting a marriage license in New Jersey?

In the United States, the rules of getting a marriage license differ from state to state. 

In New Jersey, the marriage license application must be submitted at the local New Jersey Municipality of either party. In case neither you nor your partner resides in New Jersey, the marriage license application is to be made at the local municipality where the wedding ceremony will be held. Usually, it needs to be done a couple of weeks before the wedding ceremony and is good for a month.

Considering the situation these days, do you offer online/virtual wedding Officiant services?

Yes, and we are proud to say that we’ve performed many Zoom Virtual Weddings during the peak of the pandemic too! We are highly adaptable and understand many couples’ concerns to hold an in-person wedding with a huge guest list during these times. Don’t worry, NJ Elopement Wedding Officiant Services is here to fulfill your dream of a unique wedding – be it online or offline. We firmly believe it is the love and the union that counts – and not the medium, because love always finds a way!

Will you offer us guidance about the marriage license process?

Absolutely! We will give you an overview of the licensing process during the consultation and guide you through the process – step by step. If you’re stuck anywhere or need more assistance, we would be there right by you. Moreover, we would remind you of the important dates and other information to ensure the licensing process is done seamlessly. 

What about the dressing style of the Wedding Officiant?

We’re very careful of our aesthetics and presentation and typically would wear a black suit/dress. However, we are open to your suggestions to blend with the theme of your wedding ceremony. When we say we offer bespoke wedding Officiant services, we mean it!

Are you available for rehearsal?

It depends on our schedule, but we’re usually available for rehearsals for an additional fee. For rehearsals on the wedding day, we can arrive early to assist and guide you at no extra cost. During wedding planning, we are also available over the phone and for video consultation several times for ceremony creation, ceremony editing, and any other assistance you may need. 

Do you offer wedding planning services?

Unfortunately, no! We’re a wedding Officiant services provider, but we would be more than happy to open our Pandora box of network and resources we have built and accumulated in the wedding landscape in New Jersey over the years. We would love to connect you with wonderful photographers, DJs, videographers, wedding planners, musicians, singers, florists, caterers, wedding venues, etc. We would recommend and share details, and you can take it from there!

How much does the Wedding Officiant cost?

At NJ Elopement Wedding Officiant Services, we’ve various elopement packages and wedding ceremonies packages depending on the style, type, and scale of the wedding ceremony you’re planning. We know every wedding is different, and so are the requirements, budget, and preferences of every couple. We closely work with the couple to understand what they’re looking for and offer a customized quote that fits well within their budget. Give us a call for a free consultation and a no-obligation quote today at (609) 388-0619

These are the few questions we typically come across, and we hope it helped. However, we’d love and prefer to hear from you to help you get a better understanding of who we are and how we can make your wedding ceremony – a poetic tale that resonates with your emotions, a lasting memory that sends butterflies in your stomach, and levels up your relationship to a whole new level. 


FAQs – NJ Elopement Wedding Officiant Services

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