New Jersey Wedding Officiant Services

New Jersey Wedding Officiant Services

New Jersey Wedding Officiant

New Jersey Wedding Officiants

Need A  Wedding Officiant?

We are ordained ministers servicing the state of New Jersey (NJ) and parts of Pennsylvania, and Delaware. We make sure you get the dream wedding you always wanted, custom made according to your wishes


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Partners Forever

If you and your partner are in love and want to spend the rest of your lives together in holy matrimony? Then you can get married and enjoy the wedding vows you always dreamed of hearing on your special day.

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Your NJ Wedding

A wedding is something that comes around once in a lifetime. So why not make it the best moment it could possibly be?


Wedding Staff

Hire New Jersey Wedding Officiant Service of trained and reliable staff of ordained ministers to make your fairy tale wedding a reality. 

Non Denominational Wedding Ceremony

We are non denominational and cater to your vows no matter the situation and despite the COVID 19 pandemic. Our mission is to make your dream wedding a reality. 

LGBT Marriages

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Let me make this clear. 

We DO NOT discriminate against ANYONE! If you are in love with your partner and want to get married together. Nobody has the right or ability to stop or hinder your holy union. You have arrived at the right place. 

Marriage Minister

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Custom Vows

We make sure your vows that have a special place in your heart are said exactly how you imagined them to be. With our services, you’re guaranteed to have the vows included that directly represent your union of marriage. Nothing is off limits to us. If it holds a place in your heart, then we will include it.

Ordained Minister

We are actual trained and experienced ordained ministers. So your marriage will be recognized and official. No matter who you are or what denomination you come from. We marry Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Gay, Lesbian, Protestant, Jewish, Democrat, or Republican. 


We actually have a special department of our business that specializes in elopements. If you are your partner are in love and don’t see the point in waiting, or have the need for a lavish event with tons of people to account for. Then you can elope in peace and know that you are in good hands.





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Service Areas

New Jersey

New Jersey is our main service area, Only because we are actual residents of the state. We used to service the entire tri-state area, but now due to covid restrictions. We have limited our service areas so we can still offer our service to folks in love


Pennsylvania is another service area. Its close proximity to NJ makes it a no brainer. We have qualified and trained ordained ministers on staff that will make your wedding ceremony an epic night for you and your loved one


Delaware is another state we service. We make sure our wedding officiants are available at moments notice to wed you. So whether you decide to make your wedding day an event or just want to elope. We have you covered


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